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If you would like to make the Shark Tooth RV Ranch your home and rent a space monthly we require you to fill out an application for residency.  Applicants are required to submit photos of all four sides of their RV with their application.  Please be advised we do not allow window air conditioners.  Please allow 48-72 hours for application processing.

If you are a foreman, and bringing your crew with you to the park, please fill out the application above as yourself along with this construction crew addendum for your crew members.

First Month Pricing

You do not have to begin your stay on the 1st.  We accept check-ins Monday through Friday all month long. Residents rent and utility charges will be invoiced by the 20th of each month and due no later than the 1st of the month.  For questions about your bill please contact us at
* 2 Month minimum
*  Final month cannot be prorated

Residency Application

You may apply online or print the full Residency Application and return to along with photos of all four sides of your RV.  Please allow 48-72 hours for processing. 

Storage Options

We now have 8'x20' sea containers here onsite.  See the storage options for more info!


Shark Tooth RV Ranch is conveniently located two miles from the Pilot Point post office.  Please fill out the following application and return to post office to rent your own box or reserve online.  Post office boxes can be rented for as little as $66 a year or $33 for 6 months.  Shark Tooth RV Ranch will refund the yearly rental fee by crediting the monthly rent $66 after one year.